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Boat building factory from Russia

Hand made displacement boats with masts and sails and without. Boats with diesel engine and with outboards.

Easy to walk on the water

Here is such a great things to build!.. Sailing and rowing boats were just the begining of the JackBoat shipyard. With pleasure and conchesly we do thery light weighting hulls of boats using classical matirials and tecnology that has a huge history and one of the best in XX century. But also we become more aficiant of modern motirials and thats why we useing wood, epoxy plastics and fiberglass.
The boat as a dream...

We are not a shop - we boatcraftinf manufacure. If you want something different, uniq - yacht, boat, houseboat - we can do it.
We make sailing boats as well. Our motor boats are not fast. We are specialased on a displacement vessels. We can construct any kind of boat less then 12 meters long.
Buy the boat that we made

We are not dillers of any other boat manufacrures. Wa have onle 2 or 3 kind of boats for sale in stock. Other boats are available for order at our shipyard. Be sure that you have a time to wait for your order. Contact us to clarify detailed information about the order and the terms currently in effect.

Our clients in Russia was
largest camps, institutes and shipyards such as:
Warking by the orders
Send us the request
We make the offer
Sign the contract and make our job
Get the things done and will organise the delivering
Where we are located?
1A, Krasnoglinskoe shosse, Samara, Russia 443026

Conatct us:
Phone number:
+7 (846) 990-15-86,
cell phone +7 927 007 15 19 (english speaking)
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